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Labor unions are legally acknowledged bodies that work for the rights and demands of the staff members or employees. The United States has had a long history of labor unions which began in 1790.

Labor unions are formed so that a large number of staff members can come together and lobby for negotiating work rights and employee advantages with the company. The significant policy organizations for labor unions are ALF-CIO, Change to Win Federation, and NLRA. These organizations work continually to safeguard the workers as well as the employers by making different policies and guidelines.

Labor unions are extremely frequently found in the public sector units. For instance, authorities, teachers, doctors, etc. A Labor Union uses collective bargaining for making negotiations on earnings, work conditions, and staff member advantages.


Increases Productivity

A company's efficiency is increased because of other positive elements like, minimized staff member turnover, satisfaction within the workers, higher wage rate, and so on

. Minimizes Worker Attrition

With the help of labor unions, staff members are able to attain wanted salaries, great working environment and the right to work. When the employees more than happy with their work, the attrition rate will certainly decrease.

Produces Equality

Few research studies on the labor unions have suggested that they produce equality between males and females – earnings, work environment and facilities. It likewise develops a sense of equality between workers at various levels of hierarchy.

Voice for the Labor Union

Labor unions function as the voice for the staff members or workers. This is due to the fact that labor unions defend the employees rights and advantages and come together as one.

Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining is the power that the labor unions have, to solve disagreements and to attain employee rights by requiring jointly as a group. A single employee's demand would probably not capture attention, however a group of staff members together can certainly make their demands heard as well as attain them. It is based upon the moral of, "United we stand; divided we fall".

Greater Earnings

The employees can achieve greater earnings than in the wage market utilizing cumulative bargaining. If their needs are not satisfied, the Labor Union will use going on a strike as the last resort to meet their demands.

Increased Benefits

Benefits here would suggest, hours of work, work environment, rewards, overtime pay, settlement for loss, vacations, insurance coverage, provident charges, and paternity and maternity leaves.

Employment Defense

The labor unions can come together and can make resolutions where an employee's employment and termination will follow a set of guidelines.

Much better working Environment

With favorable attributes like higher wage rate, gender equality, right to be heard, etc automatically comprises a much better working environment.


High Union Costs

The charges charged by the Labor Union can be really high. And, therefore can prove to be an absolutely no return financial investment. Numerous companies have their policies and regulations made in such a method that the workers' rights, working environment and other elements are currently structured in such a way that is beneficial and favoring the employees. In such a case, having a Labor Union ends up being an increased expense.

Danger of Strikes

Labor unions to obtain their needs met can go on a strike till their demands are, for that reason, the employer will always have to watch out for workers going on a strike and interfering with the firm's company activities. It is an exploitation of the company in case the Labor Union's needs are not reasonable.


Labor unions can result in unproductive-ness due to the fact that when the workers go on a strike the economic activities of the firm come to a standstill. If the workers are not happy as their demands are not satisfied with, they will not work efficiently, hence reducing the productivity of the firm.

Increased Company Costs

Higher wage rates and advantages obtained by the labor unions can show to be increased business cost, if the labor inputs do not equal or surpass the expense incurred to employ them.

Labor Union-Centered-ness

The Labor Union can make needs and enforce them by threatening the company. The union before making Go here demands can also make needs without believing about its result on others and the staff member.


If the labor unions anticipate a higher wage, then it can result in joblessness. This is since of the 'wage curve'. The wages of the employees are inversely related to the number of people employed. Which implies that if the incomes are increased, that will be at the expense of others' work and if the company wishes to employ more people it will decrease the current salaries of the employees.

Difficulty in Getting Promos

Labor unions and the management or the company work as opposition celebrations. Therefore, the management team will not choose anybody from the Labor Union group to be a part of their group. This might be because that person might be prejudiced towards the well-being of the employees, distorting the management's choices. Those who are a member of the Labor Union group discover problem in getting promoted.

Other Workers Do not Have the Power of Voice

Just the needs of the members of the Labor Union are addressed to. Other employees' demands do not get the voice and the collective bargaining to be heard.

Current Developments

Under the current laws (Staff member Free Option Act) the private ballot election has now been forbidden. Instead the employees now need to utilize the 'card check system'. In this system, for the government to certify a union, more than 50% of the workers sign the card for the same. The current law is more beneficial for the unions and extreme for the employers. After the union is certified the company and the employee have to come to an arrangement in 120 days after which the case will go to a panel of government arbitrators. Names like Jimmy Hoffa and Eugene V. Debs are the most known Labor Union leaders. The kid of Jimmy Hoffa, James Hoffa is the Labor Union president of Teamsters, following his dad's footsteps.

Labor unions have numerous benefits if their power and authority is used in the best method. To sum up, the performance of a Labor Union lies on the Labor Union leader.


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